Limited Members Wedding Ceremony

We enjoyed enough to cover Sabyasachi and Radhika’s wedding ceremony with limited members of both families during this pandemic in Kolkata. The opportunity first came from Sabyaschi’s family in Purba Bardhaman early in this year 2021. We accepted after a long discussion during this covid situation. We maked plan to cover the entire story in kollkata and Bardhaman also with minimum photographers and camerapersons.

In Bengali culture, marriage symbolises not just the sacred union of two individuals, but the alliance of two families and extended relations as well. We are very happy to realise that Sabyasachi of Purba Bardhaman and Radhika of Kolkata saw each other for the first time only on their wedding day. We like to share few of their epic wedding moments with you.


The happy mother loves her son a day before the wedding.


Bengali wedding rituals are more or less similar to the common Hindu wedding rituals.

New world is waiting in front of the groom.


Parents of Sabyasachi pay respects to their forefathers in Nandimukh ceremony.


Traditional live music is presenting inside the groom’s house.

Entry gate of Chowdhury’s House at Bullyganj, Kolkata.

The King of the ceremony

The Bride’s mother along with other family members welcome the groom by spreeding holy water from mongalghat.

Radhika sits on a low wooden stool called piddi and this stool is lifted by her brothers and the bride is taken around the groom in seven circles.

This cute moment between the couple and their friends.

Sabyasachi and Radhika exchange garlands surrounded by the love of their closest family and friends.

Sampradan : Radhika’s father gives her hand to Sabyasachi, when both their hands are tied by a sacred thread while reciting Vedic chants.014 The way they looked at each other!

An offering of Khai (puffed rice) is made into the Yagya  by the bride and the groom.

Such an immotional moment of Ruchika and Shubham right at the sindoor daan ceremony.

Sindoor falls on the bride’s nose during the ceremony.


The seniors take the innitiative after the couple arives.

Sabyasachi’s family tradiationally use husked rice during Badhubaran ritual to signify good harvest and abundance.


Mother is very happy when Sabyasachi gifts a red sari to new bride and takes a vow of taking the responsibility of
Radhika’s basic need like food and dress.


Made for each other

The journey begins with love.

Happy Bengali family.