Bikash Bandopadhyay an innate artist inherited art from his grandfather, is equally an adept photographer having more than 15 years of experience as a professional wedding photographer. Bikash along with his team of specialized artistic candid photographers and state-of-the-art kit and caboodle will definitely capture the unique moments of “your” life with great artistic finesse and photographic flair.

Client being his treasured possession Bikash and his unit will delve into “your” psyche and individual taste and freeze the blissful frames of eternity that “you” and “your” family would savor in the days to come. This group provides “you” Artistic, Candid, Portrait, Incandescent clicks of the once-in-a-lifetime moments that evoke emotions, arrest “you” aesthetically, and provoke the subtle sensitivities of relationships. In a one and only style of theirs they present “you” with storytelling graphic shots that portray the various facets of the niceties of “your” celebrative life in an album.

They work as a team and specialize in wedding photography and always take every photographic moment from their heart, so “you” are assured the best photographic experiences after the consignment is complete.

Here they don’t believe about the Static Packages in Photography of Wedding/Anniversary/Rituals as it entirely depends on “your” needs & expectations from us.

This brand of photographers will not “force” you to go for any predefined packages without knowing your actual requirements? There are so many clients having tight financial conditions but looking for a better wedding photography. Their aim is not only making money from the profession but also to spread the timber and philosophy of art in photography.

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